12 Phenomenal STEM Scholarships to Support Your Education

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There are many interesting jobs in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) field. This includes careers in health, environment, and more!

Studying STEM majors ends up with pricier tuition, as if college was not expensive already. Luckily, there are tons of scholarship opportunities available. We have a great list of STEM scholarships ready for you.

Here is our list of magnificent STEM scholarships:

1. Straight North STEM Scholarship

Provider: Straight North

Amount: $1,000

Submit: Online application

Undergraduates and graduates may apply. The scholarship supports students studying in the STEM field. Two runners-up will receive a $250 book scholarship. The scholarship has a quick online application.

2. Simplr Artificial Intelligence and Technology Scholarship

Provider: Simplr

Amount: $7,500

Submit: Essay (1000-2000 words)

Undergraduates and graduates may apply. Simplr would like to support a passionate student determined to continue the growth of the tech sector. Applicant must be studying Computer Science (CS), Mathematics, Information Technology (IT), or is attending or will attend law school.

3. My BioSource Inc. Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Provider: My Bio Source

Amount: $1,000

Submit: Essay (250 words)

High School Senior, undergraduates, graduates and international students with a documented learning disability may apply. Two applicants will be awarded.

4. Lounge Lizard Web Design Scholarship

Provider: Lounge Lizard

Amount: $1,000

Submit: Website Design (your own creation)

Students attending an accredited school, or set to start an accredited school in the United States may apply. The web design can be submitted as a PDF, PSD, or URL.

5. GeneTex Scholarship

Provider: GeneTex

Amount: $2,000

Submit: Online application

Undergraduates and graduates may apply. GeneTex would like to support students studying STEM in higher education. This scholarship is open to international students

6. “Crack the DAT” Pre-Dental Scholarship

Provider: Crack DAT

Amount: $1,000

Submit: Essay (1-2 pages)

Applicants must be at least a college junior to apply. Applicants must be pursuing dentistry. The scholarship considers academic merit, community service, and financial need.

7. HTR Annual Scholarship

Provider: Hartford Technology Rental

Amount: $1,000

Submit: Essay (not specified)

Students can submit an essay via download or use the essay box to apply. The scholarship asks students to describe how they use technology in everyday life.

8. Bluepay STEM Scholarship

Provider: Bluepay

Amount: $1,000

Submit: Essay (500-1000 words)

Undergraduates and Graduates may apply. This scholarship supports students studying in STEM fields. Two runners-up will be awarded $250 book scholarships.

9. CSI Executive Search STEM Scholarship

Provider: CSI Executive Search

Amount: $1,000

Submit: Essay (500-1000 words)

Undergraduates and Graduates may apply. The scholarship was created to promising STEM students, and asks students to explain why they chose a STEM field, who influenced their journey in STEM, and the applicants ultimate goal.

10. IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative

Provider: IEEE Power & Energy Society

Amount: $7,000 (divided into three years)

Submit: Online application

Students in university or community college that are a U.S., Puerto Rican, or Canadian citizen or permanent resident and reside in IEEE Regions 1 through 7 may apply. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers provide the awardee with $2,000 the first two years of the scholarship, and $3,000 during the third year. Awardee is expected to maintain a B or better GPA for scholarship renewal.

11. Supporting STEM Scholarship

Provider: B&G Refrigeration

Amount: $1,000

Submit: Online application

High school seniors and undergraduates may apply. This scholarship supports students in the STEM field.

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