A guide to writing the best personal statement for your college application (with template and examples!)

Why is boasting about a best friend SO much easier than writing about yourself? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a personal statement essay requires you to do–whether it’s for your college admissions application, or for a scholarship application to pay for college. Here’s our guide, to ensure you’re well-equipped to write a killer personal statement!

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How to ask for a letter of recommendation for your college app

Would you purchase anything on Amazon before reading the reviews? We rely heavily on other people’s opinions to form our opinions or to back up our existing thoughts.

In the same way, colleges want to know what other people think about you, so a letter of recommendation (LOR) boosts your personal and academic validity. 

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Why We Started the Going Merry Scholarships App: The Origin Story

If there’s a Common App to apply to multiple schools at once, why isn’t there a way to apply for multiple scholarships at once? That was my question as I started to search for scholarships for a second time, this time for graduate school. A quick look on the leading scholarship sites suggested there was $24 billion awarded every year. In fact, they even “matched” me with 53 scholarships offering more than $200,000.

But all they did was list the scholarships. To actually apply, I had to click 53 links to be redirected to 53 different sites. I had to re-enter the same information 53 times, as I started each application from scratch; and I had to wait for 53 e-mails to see if I had been successful. Worse, and predictably, the easiest of the 53 were scams. I still don’t know what they did with the data I entered.

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MerryApps: Apply to multiple scholarships simultaneously, using just one scholarship app

Back when I was a student applying to scholarships using those dreaded scholarship search engines, I noticed that scholarship applications often asked for the same information (name, email, class year, SAT score, etc.)–and sometimes even had the same essay prompt! So I’d dutifully, and monotonously, type in my personal information over and over again, and copy and paste the exact same 500-word essay across application platforms.

Never again!

You might already know that, with Going Merry, you never have to fill out those scholarship application forms again. But did you know that, in some instances, we’ve even simplified that essay copy & pasting?

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What are the keys to financing college tuition? This 2020-2021 Financial Aid Calendar keeps you organized. Watch those FAFSA deadlines!

This financial aid post was originally published on September 21, 2019 and updated on October 8, 2019.

We know you’ve got questions about the FAFSA. When are the deadlines? How do I submit an application? Where do I even start?? Don’t worry; we’ve got the answers to guide you through your journey in financing college tuition!

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20 Scholarships from brand names that want to help you pay for college: Coca-Cola Scholarship, Dr Pepper Scholarship, Dell Top Tech Scholarship and more!

At Going Merry, we’ve got plenty of well-known scholarship opportunities for your scholarship search, including sponsorships sponsored by brand names you know and love. Check out these 20 corporate scholarships you need to know about –, the Coca-Cola Scholarship, Taco Bell Scholarship, GoPro Scholarship, Motorola Scholarship, and more!

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Our new “College Financial Aid” section lists universities’ scholarships and grants

NOTE: When this post was originally written, the feature was called “College Scholarships” but has recently been renamed “College Financial Aid.” We have updated the  headline to reflect this but kept the rest of the post the same.

Where we came from

For two years, we’ve built a platform to allow students, counselors, and parents an easy way to find scholarships they’re eligible for, filter through the noise, and apply to their favorites—all right from our platform. Now, over 200,000 students across 10,000 high schools use Going Merry.

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Everything You Need to Know About Work-Study Jobs in College

This post was updated on June 28, 2019

Every possible option should be considered when organizing college funds.  At Going Merry you can look at the different ways you are paying for college using our MerryBudget financial planning tool.  Exploring work-study jobs means finding one more way to lessen the amount of money you need to borrow. Higher education is already expensive. Finding money you don’t need to pay back is the best kind of money!  

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What should I write in my Scholarship Thank You Letter?

Congratulations! You won that scholarship you applied for! You receive the notice that you’re the scholarship recipient, and notice you’re required to write a scholarship thank you letter. Trust us, a scholarship thank you letter is not difficult at all. The letter describes your gratitude (exactly what it sounds like).

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A Helpful Guide to Local Scholarships

National scholarships can be pretty competitive. There are so many people applying from all over the U.S. This adds stress to an already difficult situation, when all you want to do is secure funds for school. The good news is, you don’t need to stress thanks to local scholarships. They can be harder to find out about, but that also means they have fewer applicants and so it’s worth the effort to find them!

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How Do Scholarships Work? A Scholarship FAQ

You might hear a lot about scholarships, but have you ever wanted more information? If you are just getting started in your scholarship search, scholarships are like that distant cousin you always hear about, but never met.

Going Merry simplifies the college scholarship application process

Those scholarships you hear so much about are a gift aid used as financial assistance towards education. We’ll get you acquainted with applying and searching for college funds in this scholarship FAQ.

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10 Easy Scholarships to Begin Your Scholarship Search

A lot is going on all at once. School, hobbies, work, everything needs your attention! It’s great you finally set aside time to focus on scholarships, but are you worried about starting your scholarship search? So much information is tossed onto the internet. Great scholarships can be difficult to come by at first. Well, you can relax!

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How to Find Scholarships

Scholarships are easy to find! Tons of scholarship opportunities await applicants needing to cover college expenses. Of course, finding the best scholarships can seem tricky.

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Graduate School Scholarships: Your Essential Guide for 2019

Take notes on your essential guide to graduate school scholarships in 2019

There’s no doubt that obtaining a college education can open a world of possibilities and new opportunities, but what about going on to graduate school and getting an advanced degree? On average, around 69.7% of high school graduates enroll in a higher education program. Of that amount, 37% continue to obtain an advanced degree (such as a Master’s or a Doctorate degree). Finding scholarships for graduate students helps fund continuing education.

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