MerryApps: Apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously, using just one scholarship app

Back when I was a student applying for scholarships using those dreaded scholarship search engines, I noticed that scholarship applications often asked for the same information (name, email, class year, SAT score, etc.)–and sometimes even had the same essay prompt! So I’d dutifully, and monotonously, type in my personal information over and over again, and copy and paste the exact same 500-word essay across application platforms.

Never again!

You might already know that, with Going Merry, you never have to fill out those scholarship application forms again. But did you know that, in some instances, we’ve even simplified that essay copy & pasting?

Introducing MerryApps: Bundled, easy scholarships to apply for

We’ve tied together several scholarships asking for the same information. Each one of these similar-scholarship bundles is called a MerryApp. For each MerryApp you just need to submit one (pre-filled) application form and one essay, to apply for multiple scholarships (up to 11!) simultaneously.

As per the screenshots above, the steps are:

  1. Navigate to MerryApp.
  2. Choose your MerryApp.
  3. Confirm (or edit) your details.
  4. Enter your essay – usually it needs to be between 500 and 1000 words.
  5. Upload documents, like your high school transcript – usually this is optional.
  6. Click submit.
  7. High-five yourself for applying for multiple scholarships at once!

Hot tip: You can also hover over the number of scholarships in the MerryApp header, to see which ones are included.

What are the current MerryApp essays about?

Currently, we have 5 Going MerryApps, each with essays related to the following:

  • Safe Driving: How can society reduce dangerous driving habits, particularly texting or using social media while driving amongst teenagers?
  • Social Media: 1) Why is social media marketing important? What is its best use? (Include an example of a campaign you thought was successful) AND How does social media affect young people? Given this, how can small businesses use it best?
  • Academic and Career Goals: What are your academic and career goals and how have your friends and family influenced and inspired them? As part of this, please explain what major you intend to pursue and why, and how your goals will benefit society. (Psst – Need help with this career goals essay? We’ve got you covered.)
  • Community Service: What was your community service experience? What does giving back to your community means to you? Why is community service important?
  • Overcoming a Challenge: The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?

But wait… there’s more! A MerryApp for No Essay Scholarships

This is the easiest (and our most popular) scholarship bundle of all: the No Essay MerryApp. You literally just need to confirm your information, and click submit!

Of course, you can enjoy all this MerryApp goodness if you’re using Going Merry. Not yet signed up? Create an account today.

Charlotte Lau

Charlotte remembers the anxiety of college application time, trying to get into a good university and then finding enough funds to pay for it. She joined Going Merry as Head of Growth, to help make that college process a little less stressful. Charlotte holds a BA from Stanford and a MPP from Oxford—degrees both funded by scholarships. For several years, she also tutored academic writing and edited college/fellowship applications, as a side hustle.


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