A Going Merry scholarship platform demo, for high school counselors

A couple weeks ago, we were invited by NACAC (the National Association of College Admission Counseling) to deliver an online demo of our platform.

So Going Merry co-founder and CEO Charlie Maynard led high school counselors through how the platform works and how it benefits counselors:


Then, last week, Charlie and COO Jacob Choi were at the NACAC conference. Members of our high school counselor community swung by the Going Merry booth, to say nice things like:


“You’re the solution we never knew we needed.” 

Stacey Nielson and Shelley Gerringer, counselors in Wentzville School District, Missouri


“It’s really easy. It’s saved me hours and hours of work. I call it the ‘Common App of scholarships.’”.” 

Debbie Fees, Counselor at Sussex Academy High School in Delaware


Want to help your students apply to scholarships faster? Join Going Merry as a counselor, and then invite your students to the platform.

Charlotte Lau

Charlotte remembers the anxiety of college application time, trying to get into a good university and then finding enough funds to pay for it. She joined Going Merry as Head of Growth, to help make that college process a little less stressful. Charlotte holds a BA from Stanford and a MPP from Oxford—degrees both funded by scholarships. For several years, she also tutored academic writing and edited college/fellowship applications, as a side hustle.


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