A Going Merry scholarship platform demo, for high school counselors

A couple weeks ago, we were invited by NACAC (the National Association of College Admission Counseling) to deliver an online demo of our scholarship platform.

So Going Merry co-founder and CEO Charlie Maynard led high school counselors through how the scholarship platform works and how it benefits counselors:


“It’s one place where students can come and get matched with scholarships, and then apply directly to them,” Charlie said.

Going Merry is a free service for students and high school counselors. Scholarship providers fund the scholarship platform by paying to use the Going Merry software. Scholarship providers can easily manage their scholarship application process.

Charlie shares that Going Merry began as a graduate research project at Stanford University. They wanted to see how to simplify the scholarship application process.

“I was looking for scholarships for graduate school. I found the application process pretty broken,” Charlie said. “So we built this one-stop shop and we did a pilot with three high schools in the Bay area and found that those students were applying to 5 times as many scholarships using Going Merry as they had done with other sites in the past. That was a really exciting moment that led us to expanding our reach.”

Partnering with High Schools and Scholarship Providers

Going Merry now works with 10,000 high schools to provide an easy scholarship application process for students and high school counselors.

Equally as important, the scholarship platform works with thousands of scholarship providers, such as the Rotary Club, Kiwanis International, Golden Door Scholars. Going Merry also partners with corporations such as Motorola, Hewlett Packett, and H&M to provide scholarships, as well as individual and local scholarships.

NACAC Conference

Just last week, Charlie and COO Jacob Choi were at the NACAC Conference. Members of our high school counselor community swung by the Going Merry booth, to say nice things like:

Stacey Nielsen and Shelley Gerringer - College Admissions Counselors for high school students | Scholarship platform demo

“You’re the solution we never knew we needed.” 

Stacey Nielson and Shelley Gerringer, counselors in Wentzville School District, Missouri


Want to help your students apply to scholarships faster? Join Going Merry as a counselor, and then invite your students to the scholarship platform.

You can also lead a college readiness lesson, all about scholarships. Check out our ready-made scholarships lesson plans here.

Charlotte Lau

Charlotte remembers the anxiety of college application time, trying to get into a good university and then finding enough funds to pay for it. She joined Going Merry as Head of Growth, to help make that college process a little less stressful. Charlotte holds a BA from Stanford and a MPP from Oxford—degrees both funded by scholarships. For several years, she also tutored academic writing and edited college/fellowship applications, as a side hustle.


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