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Yaah Adwere-Boamah

Won $1,000

Jesús Adrian Arroyo-Ramirez

Won $40,000

Gabby DeMott

Won $10,000

Challenges or barriers you had to work to overcome.

"I honestly had 

an amazing experience with Going Merry."

Essay Topic:

"...I was raised knowing that I was a unique Ghanaian-American woman who could achieve anything, and I wasn’t going to let the words of others tell me otherwise..."

Winning Essay Excerpt:

Event that sparked personal growth and new understanding.

Essay Topic:

"...Never have I felt so accepted while being an outsider, so proud of a country that isn't even mine, so part of something I didn't really belong to..."

Winning Essay Excerpt:

Daniel Gill

Won $1,000

Michelle Marie Charles

Won $2,500

Swati Prashar 

Won $1,000

Be persistent and honest, and see how you can serve others while building on your uniqueness.

Why are you the Most Unique?

Essay Topic:

"By teaching diversity, equity, and inclusion through puppetry, I feel that I am making a difference..."

Winning Essay Excerpt:

Event that sparked personal growth and new understanding.

Essay Topic:

"...The inhumane feeling of not being able to defend yourself from typical stereotypes because the fear of losing your job outweighs your dignity, is a sign of discrimination..."

Winning Essay Excerpt:

Scholarship tip

Ijeoma Asonye

Won $5,000

Juanita del Rosario Mejia Gutierrez

Won $1,000

John Flowers

Won $500

What makes you the most well-rounded student? (Video entry.)

Essay Topic:

Make a hilarious, gorgeous, or heartbreaking video, worthy of breaking the internet.

Essay Topic:

A little sneak peek into the eccentric world that exists inside my mind. Enjoy!

Video description

My video is a short video talking about the various things that make me the Best All Around student. 

Video description

Undra Tsend

Won $1,000

Elizabeth Contreras

Won $1,500

Violetta & Jess

Won $1,000

Career goals and aspirations

Essay Topic:

"I am majoring in kinesiology to become a physical therapist. I want to pursue my dream job and be able to buy my parents a house..."

Essay Excerpt

Write drafts ahead of time and make sure to proofread! You want to make your statements personal and unique to you.

Scholarship tip

Who is the best friend ever, and why?

Essay Topic:

"Even if we hadn’t won, I still would have wanted to make [my friend Jess] something she could watch when she was having a bad day and needed a reminder that she is important and loved."

About the video:

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What realization sparked personal growth in you?

Essay Topic:

"...People use the saying, “the sky is the limit”, but it isn’t. The sky is limitless. I don’t want to stop chasing my goals when I reach the sky. I want to reach for the stars and everything above..."

Winning Essay Excerpt:

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