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As Going Merry's first Growth Product Manager, you will lead strategy and execution efforts to improve engagement and monetization of our users. Through cross-functional work (with marketing, product, design/research, engineering, and data teams), you will identify growth opportunities and execute on them. This will include running A/B experiments, releasing MVP tests of new features/product lines, identifying high-value user segments, creating engaging community content, and developing more personalized product/marketing experiences. Apply here via Earnest >

Psst - why we think this role is awesome: 

  • Creative, entrepreneurial role: You'll get extensive latitude to come up with all kinds of business/content experiments and run with them. Want to A/B test a complete rehaul of our CTAs? Go for it. Want try out a parent webinar? Cool. Want to develop an MVP of a financial aid education portal (maybe starting with a Google Form quiz?) Awesome.
  • Outsized business impact: As Going Merry has traditionally been an acquisition-focused team, you'll be taking leadership over a new area with real revenue impact. Make it work, and it'll look pretty snazzy on your CV.
  • All the data: You'll be in charge of ensuring we are tracking the things we need, to be able to create personalized/segmented experiences. And with over 1.5 million users, you'll have a lot to work with. 

We currently have paused accepting applications for this role, as we are in final stages with one candidate.

We're looking for a Product Manager to take ownership of our flagship student portal, the newly launched parent portal, as well as the technically complex (and beloved!) FAFSA® Made Easier product. “Ownership” comes with a wide array of product responsibilities--from the high-level (identifying product opportunities, solidifying the product vision, and developing a roadmap), to the nitty-gritty (writing specs and tickets, managing sprints). As a key member of the Going Merry leadership, the Product Manager will work cross-functionally with Engineering, Design, Marketing, Operations, and Data. 

Psst - why we think this role is awesome: 

  • 1.5 million users: This is a job with real responsibility: taking over our flagship student products (across web and mobile app), which have gotten us over 1.5 million users! 
  • Complex problems for a technical mind: For those who love a challenge, our product includes lots of technical back-end calculations and choices: How does scholarships matching work? How do we ensure that our FAFSA® form "simplifies" the government process for students, while providing in-depth reporting for counselors/districts? How do we compare & predict long-term financial implications of distinct college financial aid packages? 
  • A new MVP to lead: Usually, product roles require you to choose between running/building upon legacy products (like our student ones) OR pioneering new products to new users (like our brand-new parent portal). This role includes both, allowing you to flex (and hone!) both skills. 

Working at Going Merry

We are a fully remote team united by the mission of making higher education more affordable and accessible to all. And as a member of Going Merry, you'll get a small startup vibe, with large corporate benefits. Learn more about our team here.


🤸 Flexibility: We strive for nearly all work to be async, meaning fewer meetings and more time to GSD, all on the schedule that works best for you.

💚 Kindness: We all help out and try to be generous. No big egos. No saying “that’s not my job.” No taking advantage of our colleagues.

⚡️ Startup speed: We love creative problem solving, to spin things out quickly and MVP everything.

🤓 DIY / Continuous learning: We’re a small team, committed to doing a lot with a little. That means we all constantly upskill and learn, far beyond our “remit.”

🧠 Open-minded opinions: We believe in strong opinions, loosely held. Always venture possible solutions, but be willing to change based on data or discussions.

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