Meet the Merry Makers

Different backgrounds, same mission: to give every student equal access to life-changing education

We're changing the game for students and providers

We are a company founded by Carnegie Mellon and Stanford graduates, who all relied on scholarships and other financial aid to pay for college. We make it easier for students to find and apply for scholarships and simpler for scholarship providers to create and manage them. We come together from different backgrounds and skill sets but share the same mission: to give every student truly equal access to life-changing education.

Meet our team

Adrian Kurniawan
Adrian wanted to make the most of college and pursue a subject that allowed him to help others. Studying computer science pushed him to learn new things and challenge himself. Using these skills, he wants to help others get an equal chance at receiving a quality education.
Allyson Edwards
True story: the very first thing Allyson’s dad said when she got into college was: “How are we going to pay for this?” Without scholarships, financial aid, and maxing out student loans, it wouldn’t have been a reality. Allyson believes that education should be as accessible as possible, and is excited to help get students one step closer to that. Allyson received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Stanford University.
Bethany Hubert
Bethany is a first generation graduate who navigated applying to universities and financial aid alone. Although the majority of her education was funded by working full-time and scholarships, Bethany was forced to take out student loans to bridge the gap. This experience has made Bethany passionate about assisting others in pursuing their education with the smallest financial burden possible. Bethany holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Alabama.
Charlie Maynard
Despite receiving a scholarship, Charlie took out the maximum student debt during his undergrad. He wants to help others avoid having to do the same. Charlie has a bachelor's degree from Oxford University and an MBA from Stanford University.
Charlie once spent a weekend doing Navy Seal training in Northern California.
Charlotte Lau
Char remembers the anxiety of college application time, trying to get into a good university and then find enough funding to pay for it. With Going Merry, she hopes to make that process at least a little less stressful. Char holds a bachelor’s degree from Stanford and a Masters from Oxford—degrees both funded by scholarships.
Eleanna Garcia
A first-generation college graduate, Eleanna remembers the importance of applying for scholarships. Having access to scholarships changes the game and it’s inspiring to know there’s help. With Going Merry, education is obtainable. Eleanna earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Arizona State University at 19 years old with the help of scholarships. Remember, you can do this!
Gabrielle Nielson
Gabrielle did not enroll in her first-choice university because of the daunting decision of taking on student debt. Instead, she chose a more affordable school and recently graduated with her Bachelor's at Bryan University. While grateful for the opportunity to learn, there was still a lingering feeling of regret and she hopes to help as many people as possible attend the school of their dreams, worry-free.
Jay Rhodes
Jay has over 20 years of experience in the fintech and college financial space, and brings his passion and experience with helping people achieve their educational dreams to Going Merry. Jay is also a competition-loving weekend warrior and huge sports fan.
Randy Ma
Randy grew up in Hong Kong and attended college in the US. He wants to fix the scholarship application process and help others be able to realize their educational dreams. Randy holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University.
Randy once thought it would be cool to memorize the digits of pi and can still recite pi up to 27 decimal places.
Raymond Murthi
Raymond was trying to help his then-girlfriend (now wife) apply for scholarships when he saw how bad the application process was. He then decided to invest an unhealthy amount of time into fixing it. Raymond has a double master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh.
Raymond doesn't usually refer to himself in the third person and can bore you to death speaking about soccer... seriously, don't ask him.
Sonny Prakoso
Sonny was a scholarship hunter who found it difficult to get matched to scholarships and then complete an arduous application process resulting in missed opportunities. He believes this process should be simplified and wants to help students pay for their education.
Despite his geeky look (and personality), he loves EDM music
William Putra
Coming to the US for the first time to attend college, William felt the painful process of finding scholarships and financial aid. Despite receiving some support to cover his tuition, he wished something like Going Merry had existed at the time. William got his master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University.
Shumai is William's favorite dim sum snack. His current record is 20 in one go.

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