Meet the Merry Makers

Different backgrounds, same mission: to give every student equal access to life-changing education

We're changing the game for students and providers

We are a company founded by Carnegie Mellon and Stanford graduates, who all relied on scholarships and other financial aid to pay for college. We make it easier for students to find and apply for scholarships and simpler for scholarship providers to create and manage them. We come together from different backgrounds and skill sets but share the same mission: to give every student truly equal access to life-changing education.

Meet our team

Charlie Maynard
Despite receiving a scholarship, Charlie took out the maximum student debt during his undergrad. He wants to help others avoid having to do the same. Charlie has a bachelor's degree from Oxford University and an MBA from Stanford University.
Charlie once spent a weekend doing Navy Seal training in Northern California.
Chris Karnes
Chris wants to help change the way that future generations fund their education. As a dad already burdened with his own student debt, he knows the reality of trying to pay off debt and save for a child's education. Chris received his bachelor's degree from Temple University in Philadelphia.
As a child, Chris won first place in several Pee-Wee Herman lookalike contests.
Jacob Choi
Jacob is the youngest of three siblings so there was no money left for him when it was time to attend college. He wants to level the playing field for youngest siblings. Jacob has a bachelor's degree from Vanderbilt University and a master's degree from Stanford University.
Jacob spent a year volunteering in Asia with WorldTeach, a non-profit organization with the vision of providing quality education around the entire globe.
Jessica Zhao
Jessica remembers spending so many hours writing applications and would have been the biggest Going Merry fan in high school! From her first job tutoring kids in geometry to becoming a software engineer today, she believes in widening the opportunity for all students. Jessica has a bachelor's degree from Stanford University.
Jessica's dream pets are a Samoyed dog & Ashera cat that live together peacefully.
Justin Yoo
Justin is dreading paying off the student debt that he has slowly accrued during college and wants to help prevent other students from feeling the same way. Justin is close to completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of California, San Diego.
Justin's middle name is Joy because his father felt "joy" when he was born.
Kelly McCabe
Kelly had trouble keeping track of what scholarships she applied to and remembers the sleepless nights worrying about affording college. Her dream is to simplify the system and make scholarships more accessible so all students can sleep a bit better. Kelly has a bachelor’s degree from University of California, Berkeley.
Kelly has ridden ostriches and raced them while visiting her family in South Africa.
Randy Ma
Randy grew up in Hong Kong and was lucky enough to be able to attend college in the US. He wants to fix the scholarship application process and help others be able to realize their educational dreams. Randy has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University.
Randy once thought it would be cool to memorize the digits of pi and can still recite pi up to 27 decimal places.
Raymond Murthi
Raymond was trying to help his then-girlfriend (now wife) apply for scholarships when he saw how bad the application process was. He then decided to invest an unhealthy amount of time into fixing it. Raymond has a double master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh.
Raymond doesn't usually refer to himself in the third person and can bore you to death speaking about soccer... seriously, don't ask him.
Shalon Baylis
Shalon never understood why more of her energy was going into funding her academics instead of learning her academics. She would like students to be less burdened and felt helping with the scholarship process was a good place to start. Shalon is working towards her bachelor's degree at Rutgers University, New Brunswick.
Shumai is William's favorite dim sum snack. His current record is 20 in one go.
Sonny Prakoso
Sonny was a scholarship hunter who found it difficult to get matched scholarships and complete bunch of application process, resulting in missing opportunities. He believes those processes could be simplified. He hasn’t got the scholarship now, but wants to help other students get theirs.
Despite his geeky look (and personality), he loves EDM music
William Putra
Coming to the US for the first time to attend college, William felt the painful process of finding scholarships and financial aid. Despite receiving some support to cover his tuition, he wished something like Going Merry had existed at the time. William got his master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University.
Shumai is William's favorite dim sum snack. His current record is 20 in one go.

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