Meet the Merry Makers

Different backgrounds, same mission: to give every student equal access to life-changing education

What we do
Going Merry is a platform that helps students, counselors, and scholarship providers all improve access to college education.
We help students understand college costs and then pay for them, via scholarships and financial aid.
We help parents navigate the process of funding their children’s higher education and teach them how to maximize their families’ financial aid.
We help high school counselors support their students through the college process, as well as host local scholarship programs online (for free!)
We help scholarship providers manage and accept applications online and find the most worthy recipients.
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Meet our team

Adrian Kurniawan
Adrian wanted to make the most of college and pursue a subject that allowed him to help others. Studying computer science pushed him to learn new things and challenge himself. Using these skills, he wants to help others get an equal chance at receiving a quality education.
Allyson Edwards
True story: the very first thing Allyson’s dad said when she got into college was: “How are we going to pay for this?” Without scholarships, financial aid, and maxing out student loans, it wouldn’t have been a reality. Allyson believes that education should be as accessible as possible, and is excited to help get students one step closer to that. Allyson received her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Stanford University.
Athena Reyes
Having experienced the difficulty of searching and applying for scholarships firsthand, Tin aims to do her part in helping students close the financial gap in paying for college. With the skills she acquired from her education enabling her to do just that, she firmly believes that education is nothing short of life-changing and thus, should be made accessible to all. Athena earned her Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Adamson University.
Bethany Hubert
Bethany is a first generation graduate who navigated applying to universities and financial aid alone. Although the majority of her education was funded by working full-time and scholarships, Bethany was forced to take out student loans to bridge the gap. This experience has made Bethany passionate about assisting others in pursuing their education with the smallest financial burden possible. Bethany holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Alabama.
Brianna Ciafre
Brianna found it difficult to find scholarships that aligned with her personality and background when applying to college. She didn't know what to search for and would quickly become unmotivated. While she received aid and scholarship awards, she wishes that there was something similar to Going Merry so the process could have been easier. Brianna earned her BA in Business from Temple University.
Christine Gohil
Christine recalls the confusing and frustrating process of applying for financial aid and scholarships. She wishes Going Merry had been around to help guide her through that process. She hopes to help simplify this system so every student can achieve their educational goals. Christine earned her Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communication from Cal State East Bay.
Eleanna Garcia
A first-generation college graduate, Eleanna remembers the importance of applying for scholarships. Having access to scholarships changes the game and it’s inspiring to know there’s help. With Going Merry, education is obtainable. Eleanna earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Arizona State University at 19 years old with the help of scholarships. Remember, you can do this!
Grant Little
A first-generation college graduate, Grant has always had a passion for making higher education more accessible and approachable for everyone. With 10 years of experience in higher ed admissions, Grant knows the challenges students face when trying to finance their education. Going Merry helps simplify the process. Grant received his bachelor’s degree and MBA from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.
Karinka Priskila
As someone who has received tuition waivers with the help of scholarships, Karin wants other students to also have the same opportunities to get scholarships they are eligible for. At Going Merry, Karin hopes she can help to improve students' experience when applying for scholarships with the best quality app. Karin earned her Bachelor's degree from Harapan Bangsa Institute of Technology in Bandung.
Meg Artz
As a first generation college graduate finding ways to pay for college was a new journey for Meg and her family. While she did receive some scholarships, the bulk of her education was funded through working full time and student loans. This experience motivates her to help students fund their education by taking on as little debt as possible. Meg graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Central Washington University.
Randy Ma
Randy grew up in Hong Kong and attended college in the US. He wants to fix the scholarship application process and help others be able to realize their educational dreams. Randy holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University.
Randy once thought it would be cool to memorize the digits of pi and can still recite pi up to 27 decimal places.
Raymond Murthi
Raymond was trying to help his then-girlfriend (now wife) apply for scholarships when he saw how bad the application process was. He then decided to invest an unhealthy amount of time into fixing it. Raymond has a double master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh.
Raymond doesn't usually refer to himself in the third person and can bore you to death speaking about soccer... seriously, don't ask him.
William Putra
Coming to the US for the first time to attend college, William felt the painful process of finding scholarships and financial aid. Despite receiving some support to cover his tuition, he wished something like Going Merry had existed at the time. William got his master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University.
Shumai is William's favorite dim sum snack. His current record is 20 in one go.
Careers | Join the team
We are a fully remote team united by the mission of making higher education more affordable and accessible to all.

Here are some other principles we stand by.
Flexibility: We strive for nearly all work to be async, meaning fewer meetings and more GSD, all on the schedule that works best for you.
Kindness: We all help out and try to be generous. No big egos. No saying “that’s not my job.” No taking advantage of our colleagues.
Startup speed: We love creative problem solving, to spin things out quickly and MVP everything.
DIY / Continuous learning: We’re a small team, committed to doing a lot with a little. That means we all constantly upskill and learn, far beyond our “remit.”
Open-minded opinions: We believe in strong opinions, loosely held. Always venture possible solutions, but be willing to change based on data or discussions.
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