Is Going Merry Legit?

Yeah we are, and we've got proof!


Do others think Going Merry is legit? Yes! We work with 15,000+ high schools across the US (see a map of schools here!), and our impact has been covered in the major press. For example, here’s an ABC News profile on Going Merry. You can also see a KIPP college admissions counselor talk glowingly about her experience with us here.


Are your scholarships real and verified? Yes, our team personally vets every scholarship listed on our website, so that you know it’s not a scam. We also carefully tag all the eligibility requirements, so that you know that when you match with a scholarship, you are in fact eligible for it.


Can I really apply for scholarships, right on your site? Yes, and this is one of the things that makes Going Merry unlike any other scholarship website or scholarship app. We allow you to not just find scholarships but also (in many cases) apply for them, so that you don’t have to get redirected all over the web, typing in the same personal information over and over again. Note that we do also include some scholarships with external scholarships, but in this case, we’ll send you to the right place to apply.


What about the FAFSA®, state aid, and other financial aid for college? Our FAFSA® Made Easier product is a simplified, easy-to-use form that helps families apply for federal financial aid (instead of dealing with the confusing government FAFSA® form). Additionally, we provide resources to help you apply for financial aid offered by your state. We also provide a College Cost Insights tool – a school comparison calculator which helps students understand their financial aid packages, and the true cost of each college, and compare them to each other. This suite of tools can be used together to enable your students to make the best financial decision for themselves and their families.


Do you protect my private data? Yes! We use bank-level data encryption methods and best-in-class data storage solutions, to keep your data safe. And we never sell your data to any third parties.


How does Going Merry make money? Going Merry makes money by charging financial aid providers a fee to host their scholarships on our website. These providers include companies like Foot Locker, Hewlett Packard, Dell, H&M, Sam’s Club and many others.


Why is Going Merry free for students, counselors, and parents? The $0 price tag to use our products is possible because we charge a fee to financial aid providers (you can see more above). We’re also supported by our parent company, Earnest, a leading financial technology company. They offer flexible student loans and refinancing, and an extensive collection of financial literacy content (though you do not have to use any of their services to use Going Merry). Their mission is to make higher education accessible and affordable for everyone.


Okay… but why should I trust you? Look, we get it. We were once jaded and suspicious students too. The scholarships market can be a shady place. In fact, our poor experience with other scholarship sites is what made us start Going Merry in the first place. Read our origin story here, or watch this talk. Or, if fancy schmancy name-brand college credentials help you trust us more, our team has got that in spades too.


What’s the best way to see for myself? Sign up, of course! Or if you’ve still got burning questions, check out this How it Works post, or contact us using the chat below or via email at