Scholarships for Minorities

There are hundreds of scholarships for minority students, or scholarships for specific ethnicities. But rather than browsing by category, you can sign up to Going Merry to get matched to all your eligible scholarships. Using our handy auto-filled applications, you’ll only have to type in your personal details once for Going Merry scholarships.

Scholarships for Asian-American Students

There are scholarships for East Asian students (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.), South Asian students (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc.), and Southeast Asian students (Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, etc.). 

Scholarships for African-American Students

We've got scholarships for African-American or black students. Of course, you may also be eligible for all kinds of non-race-specific scholarships. Sign up for Going Merry to get a list of all scholarships you’re eligible for.

Scholarships for Biracial or Mixed Race Students

Sometimes there are scholarships available specifically for biracial students or mixed race students. However, remember that you are ALSO eligible for scholarships earmarked for each of your races. To see your full list of eligible or “matched” scholarships, sign up for Going Merry today

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"Definitely apply for as many scholarships as you can. Having scholarships will definitely alleviate stress in the future."

"Create a spreadsheet, print it out, write the scholarships you like [and] the deadlines. Try to complete them all."

"Even if you think you won't get the scholarship or won't get into the school, apply, because you lose nothing by applying."

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