Compare Scholarship Websites

See how Going Merry compares to Fastweb, Scholly, and other scholarship sites


There are a handful of college scholarship websites (and apps) out there, and browsing through these sites can be an exhausting experience for students, parents, counselors, and just about everyone else. But don’t worry, we’ll try to provide you with some clarity on the options and how we, Going Merry, stack up by conducting a comparison in an honest and transparent way.

We evaluated Going Merry and four other sites (Fastweb,, Unigo, and Scholly) based on 12 important criteria including price, features, scholarship quality, counselor tools and more. Each criteria is explained in detail below:

Scholarship website pricing

Of all the sites and apps we evaluated, only Scholly charges students. To use Scholly’s service, students pay a rate of $3/ per month. Every other service we looked at was free for students.

Scholarship matching

Every website we evaluated have some form of scholarship matching based on a student’s interests, background, and similar personal information. However, the accuracy and relevance of matched scholarships varies greatly per site.

Apply directly on site

Currently, Going Merry is the only scholarship site where students can apply to all college scholarships from within the site itself. All other sites will bounce the student off to third-party sites to complete the scholarship application.

Auto-filled applications

Despite using profile information to match students with scholarships, most scholarship websites are unable to auto-fill the applications due to sending students to other sites to complete the applications. Going Merry is the only scholarship website that can auto-fill scholarship applications making the application process much faster.

Apply to multiple scholarships at once (MerryApps)

Since Going Merry can auto-fill applications and apply directly, students have the ability to apply to multiple scholarships at once with a shared essay. We call these MerryApps, and no other scholarship sites or apps have this feature.

Local and state scholarships

Local scholarships are extremely important for students. A lot of scholarship money ends up coming from school-specific, local, or state scholarships. All the sites evaluated claim some level of local scholarship availability, but of those, only Unigo and Going Merry appear to offer any specific localized scholarships. Unigo stops at the state level, while Going Merry provides high-school and regional-specific scholarships.

Advertisement-free scholarship browsing

While ads can sometimes be a necessary evil, seeing a random advertisement while you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to pay for college isn’t the most reassuring experience for a student about to provide all of their personal information to a third-party site. Only Scholly, which is a paid service, and Going Merry, were ad-free scholarship websites in our evaluation.

Curated Scholarships

Students are especially cautious of scholarship scams. Google autocomplete will prove this as seen in the image above. (FYI – Fastweb is not alone, searching for Going Merry, Scholly, and the others will show the same questions). The only way to make students feel more confident in the scholarships they are matched with is by curating those scholarships – manually reviewing them to make sure they are legitimate opportunities. Through our evaluation, only Going Merry and Scholly seemed to curate the scholarships served up to students.

Counselor Portal

Counselors at the high school level are heavily involved in helping their students find scholarships. In many cases, they oversee what the students are (or aren’t) applying to and are constantly suggesting more scholarships for students to apply to. We realize this and built a tool to help counselors see scholarships, share them with their students, and track the progress all in one place. Going Merry is the only platform to offer a high school counselor scholarship portal.

Document Upload

Along with storing student information in a profile for matching and making applications easier, Going Merry also allows students to upload and store important documents that they need to submit applications. This includes recommendation letters, FAFSA, and more. As no other scholarship site provides the ability to apply directly, they also don’t have the option for document uploading.

Estimated Completion Time

Sometimes students want to sit down and knock a few quick scholarship applications and not start something they’ll never finish. Only Going Merry provides an estimated completion time – giving them an idea of how long the application will take to complete. To the surprise of no one, scholarships that take less than 30 minutes are the most popular scholarships according to our browsing data.

Scholarship Popularity

Wouldn’t it be great if students could know how many other students have applied to a scholarship they are thinking about? That way they could gauge if they have a good chance or not, and use their time accordingly. We thought so. It’s why Going Merry added this feature for students. Going Merry is the only scholarship site that provides scholarship popularity information.

Ready to find out why Going Merry checks all the boxes and does it for free? Sign up now and start finding scholarships in minutes. If you have any questions about Going Merry or this comparison, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you.