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Did you know that students from over 10,000 high schools use Going Merry? That means 1 in 3 schools in America are represented on our scholarship platform! 

Why are we so popular? Because we are the one-stop shop for high school students seeking scholarships for college. And while many scholarships are for seniors, we also have scholarships available for every high school grade level--so no matter your class year, sign up to check out what you’re eligible for. 

Lucky you: high school seniors are often eligible for the most number of scholarships, since most of the award money is meant to go towards college tuition. And, of course, college is looming right around the corner!

The best part of these scholarships is that you can often reuse many of the essays and documents from your college applications. (Psst - check out some tips to writing a good personal statement or college essay.) 

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Scholarships for High School Seniors  (Class of 2020)

At this stage, you've probably started more seriously thinking about colleges. Maybe you've taken your PSATS, started creating a college target list, or even requested a letter of recommendation from your teachers. Before you get weighed down with more standardized tests and college applications, start earning cash to pay for college. As a high school junior, you're eligible for many college tuition scholarships. Check them out by creating a Going Merry account.

Scholarships for High School Juniors  (Class of 2021)

It's never too early to begin applying for scholarships and saving money for college. Even ninth graders are eligible for many scholarships on Going Merry. Check out a few of these scholarships for freshmen by signing up.

Scholarships for High School Freshmen  (Class of 2023)

"Even if you think you won't get the scholarship or won't get into the school, apply, because you lose nothing by applying."

Andrea Galdamaz

Won $5000 through the

First in Family Scholarship

"Definitely apply for as many scholarships as you can. Having scholarships will definitely alleviate stress in the future."

Derek Zhou

Won $1000 through the

Most Curious Scholarship

"Create a spreadsheet, print it out, write the scholarships you like [and] the deadlines. Try to complete them all."

Ijeoma Asonye

Won $5000 through the

Best All Around Scholarship

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