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There are hundreds of scholarships for women. Check out some of the current scholarships available for you on our Going Merry scholarship platform. Rather than browsing by category, you can get matched to all your eligible scholarships, not just scholarships for women. 

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Women's Scholarships for 2019-2020

"Even if you think you won't get the scholarship or won't get into the school, apply, because you lose nothing by applying."

Andrea Galdamaz

Won $5000 through the

First in Family Scholarship

"Express who you are through whatever you do. Be unapologetic and brave."

Juanita Mejia Gutierrez

Won $1000 through the Most Likely 

to Break the Internet Scholarship

"Write drafts ahead of time and make sure to proofread! You want to make your statements personal and unique to you."

Undra Tsend

Won $1000 through the

UniDays Scholarship

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