Feeling overwhelmed by the college financing process? We can help.

Introducing Going Merry's FREE Concierge Program. Our experts will work with you one-on-one to help your family get more money for your child's education

Our FREE Concierge Program helps your family get more money for college through our six-step process, designed to maximize your aid:




Financial Aid Appeals

Customized appeal letters, written specifically for your family & college, to negotiate for more aid. (We've helped families get up to $3,500 more per year!)

Personalized scholarship recommendations with a focus on local and niche scholarships for a higher chance of winning.


Financial Aid Analysis


College Cost Comparisons

Help understanding financial aid award letters so we can calculate your true financial gap.

Compare out-of-pocket costs, future loan debt, and likely post-graduation salaries to help your family choose the right college with confidence.

Student Loans


FAFSA® & State Grants


Explanation of key loan terms and help comparing options.

Guidance through FAFSA® and state grant applications, to ensure you apply for all the government funding you're eligible for.

Our Concierge Experts helped high school senior Hannah win an additional $3,500 per year!

"The Concierge Program helped me write a letter to request additional scholarship monies so I could attend my 1st choice school. My family was so excited when we received a letter in the mail congratulating me on an additional scholarship from the school! Now I can go to my top school less worried [about finances] and focused on my studies." 

With our FREE Concierge Program you'll get:

1:1 Guidance

Priority Support

You will be assigned an expert guide to ensure you are maximizing your aid and receiving personalized assistance every step of the way.

Your expert guide and Going Merry's support team will be available to assist you with any and all questions or concerns you may have as you work your way through the paying-for-college process.

Get started today with an introductory call!

During this call, our in-house expert will connect with you to make sure our Concierge Program is going to be the best possible fit for you and your family.
What can you expect during an introductory call?

  • 30-minute conversation via Zoom or phone.
  • Get to know your expert and share your needs.
  • Learn more about the products available through Going Merry.
  • Q&A regarding financing a college education.

Meet our experts

Grant Little

Lead Concierge Expert

Grant has over ten years of experience working in higher education admissions, helping high school students (and their families) get into college and maximize their financial aid. As a first-generation college student, Grant has a passion for making higher education more accessible and approachable for everyone.

Trey Bren

Sarah Cipriano

Anthony Mach

Concierge Expert

Concierge Expert

Concierge Expert

Trey has spent his career helping individuals improve their financial health. He recently recognized how cumbersome it is to secure scholarships and student loans as he was helping his wife navigate the process of paying for grad school. Trey helps families take the guesswork out of paying for school and ensures that they are taking full advantage of all the resources available.

As a Paying-for-College Expert, Sarah will provide you and your family with the knowledge and tools necessary to fund your college education. Sarah strives to offer personalized guidance throughout the process to ensure all families meet their educational goals. 

Being the first in his immediate family to attend college and graduate, Anthony understands how confusing the process can be, especially with limited guidance. Anthony guides families through the entire higher education journey and helps them build a better, decisive future.

We are currently conducting introductory calls with the class of 2023

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