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Introducing the FAFSA® Made Easier

The FAFSA® Made Easier is a 100% free step-by-step tool that helps you fill out the FAFSA® in 30 minutes.

Simplified questions, integrated help text, and expert support mean you’ll finish quickly and correctly. No errors, no anxiety, no payment. It’s all free. 

Behavioral science-backed design, to encourage focus and progress

Students get $15k (on average) in aid money for college

Common mistakes highlighted so you don't make mistakes

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1.4 Million+
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High Schools in America

A better, easier application form

Behavioral science-backed design

Questions in clear, simple English

We ask one question at a time to encourage focus and reduce cognitive load.

We also allow students to skip forward, so that they can make progress and return later to questions they need parental help with.

We simplify questions, combining or breaking them apart where necessary. For example, we will help students figure out: 

  • Which parent to report
  • Their parents' net worth
  • How to list colleges to ensure eligibility for state aid

Tax previews & help text

Expert help, one click away

We show students where to look on their family's tax forms.  And for any trickier questions, Gopher Mary tells you what to watch out for, or how to interpret it. Nothing is hidden away in footnotes or separate webpages.

Students can consult a searchable knowledge base of common questions and answers. Or if they're really stuck, they can live chat or email a financial aid advisor.

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"It really did make filling the FAFSA® out easier - Thank you!”

Nathan F. from Colorado

High school senior

“So much better than the original FAFSA®. I could do it without my parents."

Haley D. from Texas

College freshman

"Easy! Going Merry had many examples and tips on what to look for."

Maggie D. from California

High school senior

"This is so much easier. I just did FAFSA® for my daughter, and this is way better."

Crystal W. from Washington

Counselor and Parent

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