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FAFSA® Made Easier can help you increase completions.

"FAFSA® Made Easier helped us double our completion rate this year"

✌️ Easier for students & parents

  • Searchable FAQs
  • Fast email support

👩‍🏫 Extra support for schools & counselors

  • Live updated stats on each student's progress
  • Searchable database of questions, so you can easily assist any student
  • Lesson plans, handouts, and guides

Anne Levy

Senior College Guidance Coordinator

BASIS Phoenix High School


📊 Detailed data for school districts

  • Real-time and summary stats, by school
  • Student-specific start and completion rates for FAFSA® and scholarship applications

Our tools are 100% free

To get access to all our (100% free) FAFSA® Made Easier tools , all you need to do is (1) request access, and (2) complete a 30-minute introductory webinar/training. These requirements are intended to help you understand how our FAFSA® software works--and how it can help you dramatically increase your completion rates. 

Detailed, real-time reporting


Individual progress reports & Summarized stats

We'll show the real-time progress of each student in your school or district.

We'll also show you your aggregate completion rate, at the school or district level.


Reporting on all FAFSA® completion types, including waivers & state forms

For states where the FAFSA® is a graduation requirement, we support reporting on all completion methods: 

  • FAFSA® completion
  • FAFSA® waivers
  • State forms for undocumented students

Students can upload documentation, which then can be reviewed and confirmed by school counselors or administrators.

Recommended by other counselors


AVID District Director

College & Career Coordinator,

Calistoga Joint Unified School District

I saved so much time and was so much more effective. Because my Going Merry dashboard showed me who had completed or stalled in the FAFSA® process, I could provide targeted support. Our FAFSA completion rate is over 10% higher than last year."


Guidance Counselor,

Greater Lawrence Technical School

"We have tried many things through the years to increase FAFSA® completion rates, but Going Merry surpasses them all. The help features have been essential resources for our students, as well as for counselors."


Director of College Counseling,

Harmony Public Schools

"The FAFSA® reporting means we can see each student’s progress. Our students love their scholarships section too. It means they have one place for all their financial aid.


Senior College 

Guidance Coordinator,

BASIS Phoenix



College Access Advisor, 

Ben Lomond High School, Ogden City School District

Academic Counselor, 

Founders Classical Academy

"FAFSA® Made Easier helped us double our completion rate this year, which has translated into a record number of graduates planning to attend college out of state. Students also taught themselves a great deal about how financial aid works as they followed Going Merry’s program."

"Using Going Merry's FAFSA® Tool has really changed the game for FAFSA® completions at our school."

"In a world full of unnecessary complications, Going Merry is a breath of fresh air."

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To get access to these premium, free FAFSA® tools, you just need to fill out a 1-minute "request access" form and attend an introductory webinar.

Data security you can trust

Secure database & servers

End-to-end encryption

Our servers and databases are hosted on Amazon Cloud, used by some of the most security-sensitive organizations, including banks like Capital One and government institutes like NASA.

We encrypt all network communications and stored data, employing best practices like split knowledge and dual control of keys, to meet PCI compliance

 We use bank-level data encryption methods and best-in-class data storage solutions, to keep your data safe. And we never sell your FAFSA® data on to any third parties. 

Internal access controls

Never sold or shared

Nobody can access our data from the public internet. Only authorized users can access personally identifiable data, and such access is tracked and internally audited.

We know FAFSA® data contains sensitive financial information, so this is never sold or shared with any third parties. 

We are not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education or their Federal Student Aid (FSA) office. Through FSA, you can file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form online for free at