Scholarship Tracking for Parents

One app, thousands of scholarships

We help students win more scholarships

College is expensive. And yet many students don’t apply for scholarships. Why? Often, they don’t have the time, or the patience, to sift through lots of possibly-spammy scholarship lists.

So we built a free scholarship search and application platform that makes it easier for students and parents to find and apply to scholarships online. We currently work with 10,000 high schools, and our site hosts millions of dollars worth of scholarships. Oh, and we personally upload and vet each scholarship, so that you know it’s legitimate.

So how does Going Merry work?

It’s easy as 1-2-3.

1. Sign up for free.

2. Build a profile for your child (using their name and info). We’ll walk you through this process with some simple questions.

3. Get matched! Based on your profile, we’ll show you a list of scholarships your child is eligible for.

They are then able to apply for any of these scholarships, right from our website. For each application, we even pre-fill in all their profile information for them. That’s why high school counselors love us.

Want more details?

Check out our full How it Works post, to get more details about the platform, including screenshots and tips for scholarship success!

Or want something to review offline? Print out this 4-page overview.

How else can you support your child?

1. Help them shortlist scholarships. Once you’ve matched to scholarships, you’ll likely want to make a list of ones you actually intend to apply for. To do this, hit the heart to favorite a scholarship (see screenshot in step #5 here). You can then see all your favorited scholarships in one place by navigating to Scholarships > Favorite Scholarships.

2. Send them helpful guides. Between college applications, financial aid, SATs and APs, and just graduating high school, there’s lots happening in your child’s life right now. That’s why we’ve started writing guides to help your family in this phase of your child’s life. Here are just some:

Financial aid: (1) Comprehensive guide to college financial aid, (2) How to calculate your EFC for FAFSA, (3) FAFSA state deadlines

Scholarship/College essays: (1) Writing a personal statement, with examples, (2) How to write a career goals essay, (3) How to write about yourself, and (4) Sample scholarship essays that worked

Applying to college: (1) How to request a letter of recommendation, (2) Choosing a college major