Introducing Going Merry School Pages

School pages give your students one place for all their school, local, and national scholarships

How school pages work

These unique pages are created just for your school, highlighting the scholarships available to your students – from local scholarships just for your school and national scholarships your students are a great match for. Want to get a school page of your own? Sign up as a counselor or search for your school page now.

  • All scholarships in one place - school, local, and national
  • No more browsing 3rd-party scholarship websites
  • Every scholarship is hand-selected to ensure student data is safe
  • Students can apply to all scholarships from one platform
  • See the most popular target colleges for students at your school
  • Brand your school page with school logo and custom header image
  • Send us local scholarships you'd like us to add (including pen and paper ones!)

We know you’re asking yourself, “What does it cost?”

Going Merry is completely free for students and always will be. That's possible because large scholarship providers pay to use our software to manage their scholarships.

And of course, all our data is safe and secure

All student information is stored very securely, and never sold to third parties. It is only shared with scholarship providers when a student submits an application, similar to any previous scholarship application process.