If there’s a Common App to apply to multiple schools at once, why isn’t there a way to apply for multiple scholarships at once? That was my question as I started to search for scholarships for a second time, this time for graduate school. A quick look on the leading scholarship sites suggested there was $24 billion awarded every year. In fact, they even “matched” me with 53 scholarships offering more than $200,000.

But all they did was list the scholarships. To actually apply, I had to click 53 links to be redirected to 53 different sites. I had to re-enter the same information 53 times, as I started each application from scratch; and I had to wait for 53 e-mails to see if I had been successful. Worse, and predictably, the easiest of the 53 were scams. I still don’t know what they did with the data I entered.