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20 Scholarships from brand names that want to help you pay for college: Coca-Cola Scholarship, Dr. Pepper Scholarship, Dell Top Tech Scholarship and more!

At Going Merry, we’ve got plenty of well-known scholarship opportunities for your scholarship search, including sponsorships sponsored by brand names you know and love. Check out these 20 corporate scholarships you need to know about –, the Coca-Cola Scholarship, Taco Bell Scholarship, GoPro Scholarship, Motorola Scholarship, and more! 1.

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Our new “College Scholarships” section lists universities’ own financial aid packages, tailored to you.

Where we came from For two years, we’ve built a platform to allow students, counselors, and parents an easy way to find scholarships they’re eligible for, filter through the noise, and apply to their favorites—all right from our platform. Now, over 200,000 students across 10,000 high schools use Going Merry.

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Arcadia High School Case Study: How Counselors Can Use Going Merry Effectively For Their Students

With about 3,500 students, counselors at Arcadia High School in Arcadia, California were overwhelmed by their scholarship program. On top of their usual responsibilities, counselors at AHS were attempting to manage over 25 scholarships, totaling more than $25,000, which was a time consuming and complex process. Previously, students were…

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8 Amazing Merit-Based Scholarships

Are you someone who puts your all into your interests? Then, your passion probably helped you do exceptional work! Whether you like arts, athletics, or academics, merit-based scholarships could be for you. These are scholarships that award talents and achievement, for example playing in your school’s orchestra or participating in…

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