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How to answer “Why do you deserve this scholarship?” essay prompt (with examples!)

When you’re applying for scholarships, you’ll see tons of different essay prompts. Two of the most common are “Why do you deserve this scholarship?” or its variant “Why are you applying for this scholarship?” While these might seem like intimidating questions, don’t overthink them! These are straightforward questions that you can easily answer. Here’s how.

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32 Weird Scholarships to Save You Money (2020-2021)

Scholarships are one of the top options for funding college because they never need to be paid back. There are hundreds of thousands of different scholarships out there for all types of situations…even wacky and weird scholarships you never would’ve thought existed! Whether you’re left-handed, a Pokemon master, or passionate about laser tattoo removal, there’s a scholarship for you.

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Tenacious Scholarships for Students in Tennessee for 2020-2021

So you’re looking for college scholarships to fund your tuition bill? No worries, we’ve got you. Going Merry has hundreds of thousands of local and national scholarships. But we especially encourage students to apply for local scholarships, which are often less competitive–meaning there’s a higher chance of winning that scholarship award money.So in the spirit of staying local, check out these scholarships in Tennessee you can apply for.

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17 Community Service Scholarships and Grants for 2020-2021

Over 77.34 million adults volunteered with an organization in 2017, according to the Volunteering in America Report. But whether you’re a student collecting hours to graduate high school or volunteering for fun, this list of community service scholarships can help reward you for doing good.

Of course, if you want to see even more scholarships, sign up for Going Merry to get a list of hundreds of scholarships that you’re eligible for. We match you to the best scholarships for your unique profile.

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Awesome Scholarships in Missouri to Save You Money for 2020-2021

The Show-Me State isn’t just known for high-quality museums and the Ozarks, Missouri is also home to top universities like the University of Missouri and Missouri State University. But studying here doesn’t come cheap. Throughout the state, in-state students can expect to pay an average of $6,463 while that price jumps to $16,381 for out-of-state students. Luckily, scholarships can help!

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