A Going Merry scholarship platform demo, for high school counselors

A couple weeks ago, we were invited by NACAC (the National Association of College Admission Counseling) to deliver an online demo of our scholarship platform.

So Going Merry co-founder and CEO Charlie Maynard led high school counselors through how the scholarship platform works and how it benefits counselors:

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What does KIPP Bay Area’s Director of College Admissions Counselors say about Going Merry?

Over 5,000 high school counselors use Going Merry to recommend college scholarships to their students, as well as to monitor their students’ applications processes.

We sat down with one of them–Shannon Harrison, KIPP Bay Area’s Director of College Counseling–to find out how Going Merry has helped both students and guidance counselors at KIPP.

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A counselor’s guide to making the most of Going Merry: 4 tips for student scholarship success

More than 5,000 high school counselors across the U.S. use Going Merry. Recently, we reached out to some of the most successful counselors–ones who’ve helped many scholarship student winners. We asked them for their top tips in this counselor’s guide to Going Merry.

How can Going Merry help your students win more scholarships and save you time? 

Well, here’s what our successful counselors said. (We added GIFS. You’re welcome.)

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