Counselor Starter Guide: How to Use the Going Merry Scholarship Platform (step-by-step, with screenshots!)

You’ve signed up to use Going Merry to help your students find and apply for thousands of scholarships, but where do you start? At a quick glance, this might seem like a LOT of information. We’re here to assure you that our scholarship platform is helpful and easy to use. It could even become a staple in your process to educate and encourage students to apply for (and win!) scholarship awards. 

Let’s dive in!

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Why We Started the Going Merry Scholarships App: The Origin Story

If there’s a Common App to apply to multiple schools at once, why isn’t there a way to apply for multiple scholarships at once? That was my question as I started to search for scholarships for a second time, this time for graduate school. A quick look on the leading scholarship sites suggested there was $24 billion awarded every year. In fact, they even “matched” me with 53 scholarships offering more than $200,000.

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Scholarship Bundles: Apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously, using just one scholarship app

Back when I was a student applying for scholarships using those dreaded scholarship search engines, I noticed that scholarship applications often asked for the same information (name, email, class year, SAT score, etc.)–and sometimes even had the same essay prompt! So I’d dutifully, and monotonously, type in my personal information over and over again, and copy and paste the exact same 500-word essay across application platforms.

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Our new “College Financial Aid” section lists universities’ scholarships and grants

Where we came from

For two years, we’ve built a platform to allow students, counselors, and parents an easy way to find scholarships they’re eligible for, filter through the noise, and apply to their favorites—all right from our platform. Now, over 200,000 students across 10,000 high schools use Going Merry.

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Ready to find scholarships that are a match for you?