Necessary Scholarships for Students in New Hampshire for 2021

Figuring out how to pay for college? Many students use college scholarships to help pay for tuition or books. And in particular, students find success with local scholarships, which are less competitive than national ones. With Going Merry, you can find many local and statewide scholarships!

Check out the list below of New Hampshire scholarships you could apply for.

1. JJG Live Free Or Die Memorial Scholarship

Provider: JJG Live Free Or Die Memorial Fund (Charity Smith)

Amount: Up to $1,000

The JJG Live Free Or Die Memorial Scholarship and Fund was established to preserve the memory of Jeremy J. Graczyk and inspire others to live a life of meaning, every day. Jeremy was born on August 29, 1977 and was a resident of Atkinson, New Hampshire for his entire childhood, which led to his lifelong fondness for the state.

2. Fostering Education Scholarship

Provider: Family and Friends of Jennifer Scribner (Milliken)

Amount: High School Juniors

We are the daughters of a former foster child. For our mom’s 50th birthday, we would like to raise money for a scholarship fund in her name that empowers foster youth to continue their education. The Fostering Education Scholarship will be awarded to a foster child in the state of New Hampshire who might be struggling the same way our mom did. We want to encourage foster youth to continue their education and build themselves a future that they will be proud of.

3. Samsung American Legion Scholarship

Provider: The American Legion Department of New Hampshire

Amount: Varies

Samsung, a worldwide leader in electronics, endowed a scholarship fund of five million dollars to be administered by The American Legion. The endowment was made to show appreciation to U.S. veterans who came to the aid of Korea during its struggle against communist forces during the Korean War. The Samsung American Legion Scholarship Program established a series of scholarships derived from interest and other income from the principal amount.

4. American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund

Provider: The American Legion Department of New Hampshire

Amount: Varies

Many children of active-duty, National Guard or Reserve members are now members of single-parent families, an unfortunate consequences of Operation Iraqi Freedom and America’s war on terror. In many cases, this also means their chances to attend college are greatly diminished. Children of military personnel killed on active duty are entitled to receive money toward a college education. Applicants to the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund must be currently a high school senior and/or accepted at or attending an institution of higher education.

5. Past Presidents Parley Award

Provider: American Legion Auxiliary Department of New Hampshire

Amount: Up to $800

The Past Presidents Parley Award issues two (2) nursing awards; $800 to a Registered Nursing student and $500 to a Licensed Practical Nursing student. Applicant must be a resident of New Hampshire or be a member of a Unit of the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of New Hampshire for three (3) consecutive years including the current membership year and maintain membership through at least the award year and pursuing or continuing a nursing education regardless of gender.

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