Great Scholarships for Students in Ohio for 2019 – 2020

Home to one of the largest universities in the country, Ohio is a popular destination for college students. Schools like Ohio State University and Kent State open their doors to thousands of new students each year. However, paying for school can be a burden. Applying for scholarships is still crucial for in-state students. Luckily, Ohio residents can apply for scholarships in their area to find more scholarship opportunities.

Check out the list below for a few of the Ohio specific scholarships you should explore on Going Merry as you start thinking of how to pay for school!

1. The Isaacs & Isaacs Undergrad Scholarship

Provider: Isaacs and Isaacs

Amount: Up to $1,000

Attorney Darryl Isaacs — better known as “The Hammer” — and the personal injury law firm of Isaacs and Isaacs have established this scholarship to assist with the financial burden of acquiring an advanced education.

2. Ohio College Opportunity Grant

Provider: Ohio Department of Higher Education

Amount: Varies

The Ohio Department of Higher Education administers the Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG) program, which provides grant money to Ohio residents who demonstrate the highest levels of financial need (as determined by the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that should be completed) who are enrolled at Ohio public colleges or universities, Ohio private, non-profit colleges or universities, and Ohio private, for-profit institutions.

3. Ohio War Orphan & Severely Disabled Veterans’ Scholarship

Provider: Ohio Department of Higher Education

Amount: 100% of tuition and general fees

The Ohio War Orphan & Severely Disabled Veterans’ Scholarship Program awards tuition assistance to the children of deceased or severely disabled Ohio veterans who served in the armed forces during a period of declared war or conflict.

4. LNESC Emergency Scholarship

Provider: LNESC & Macy’s

Amount: Up to $500

As a result of the joint partnership between LNESC and Macy’s, the LNESC Emergency Fund was created in order to provide financial assistance to students facing economic hardships that prevent them from attending classes or completing a degree program. Reasons for receiving this scholarship include unexpected financial challenges such as a change in family income or support, the loss of a job, the death of an immediate family member, natural disaster, pending eviction or home foreclosure, burglary, and fire. Recipients of this scholarship cannot be winners of other LNESC scholarships.

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