Scholarships for Students in Pennsylvania for 2024

The US supports education on all levels of community, stretching from national initiatives down to your neighborhood programs. Scholarships range from nationwide offerings to state, county, or even school specific scholarships. At Going Merry, we bring local and statewide scholarships to you – including scholarships in Pennsylvania – and let you fill out your applications! 

Check out the list below for some Pennsylvania scholarships for you to explore!

1. Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated Scholarship

Provider: Alpha Alpha Omega Chapter

Amount: Up to $1,500

Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated, the first Black Sorority of college-educated women of the world, is pleased to offer the Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated Scholarship to graduating high school seniors planning to attend a historically black college or university.

2. Dionna Satteson Youth Sports Camp Scholarship

Provider: Dionna Satteson Memorial Fund

Amount: Up to $50

The Dionna Satteson Youth Sports Camp Scholarship was created to honor the life of Dionna Satteson.

3. Indiana Area School District Scholarship

Provider: Indiana Area School District

Amount: Up to $830

The Indiana Area School District Scholarship was created at The Pittsburgh Foundation to provide scholarships to benefit graduating seniors of the Indiana Area School District.

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4. Marguerite Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Provider: Children of Marguerite Johnson (William, Raenetta & Aneisha)

Amount: Up to $500

Marguerite Johnson was very active in the Mid Mon Valley community and had a passion for helping others. In order to honor her memory, the family has decided to create the Marguerite Johnson Memorial Scholarship that will continue the works of Marguerite Johnson.

5. Michelle Marion Memorial Scholarship

Provider: Coworkers & Friends of Michelle Marion

Amount: Up to $500

The Michelle Marion Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of a dear friend and colleague Michelle Marion who passed away in early 2018. Michelle held her doctorate in Physical Therapy, going back later in life to receive her advanced degree. She worked in a variety of therapy settings including in-patient, out-patient, and home health. Michelle was a firm believer in the value of education. She was a beloved member of the Warren Community both professionally and personally. Every patient that came in contact with Michelle felt respected and well cared for. Her coworkers and friends felt the best way to honor her memory was to establish this scholarship in her name.

6. Peter S. Kramer Trade School Scholarship

Provider: Friends and Family of Peter Kramer

Amount: Up to $1,000

As the owner and operator of Macmobile, a vehicle repair service in Mt Bethel, PA, I wanted to create the Peter S. Kramer Trade School Scholarship to remember Peter.

Peter’s interest in vehicles allowed us the opportunity to hire him to assist in the business during the summer months.

I am also Peter Kramer’s uncle and am blessed to have had him as part of my life.

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