What should I write in my Scholarship Thank You Letter?

Congratulations! You won that scholarship you applied for! You receive the notice that you’re the scholarship recipient, and notice you’re required to write a scholarship thank you letter. Trust us, a scholarship thank you letter is not difficult at all. The letter describes your gratitude (exactly what it sounds like).

We’ll go through a few common questions about scholarship thank you letters to ease your mind. Read the FAQ below!

What is a Scholarship Thank You Letter?

Certain scholarships require winners to write a thank you letter to the donor or organization of the scholarship. This not only shows scholarship providers the impact the scholarship makes on the student’s life, the letter also shows the community the importance of the scholarship.

Seeing the letter could encourage more people to donate to the scholarship fund, or encourage future students to apply for the same scholarship.

Instructions regarding the thank you letter can be listed in the application guidelines, or in the winner confirmation a student receives.

How long should a Scholarship Thank You Letter be?

A good length is a few paragraphs. Scholarship providers are not expecting you to write an extensive letter (unless instructed otherwise).

Use the list below as a basic guideline:

Paragraph 1 – Introduction. A “thank you” for being chosen.

Paragraph 2 – Write what the scholarship will support or allow you to do.

Paragraph 3 – Write about your near-future plans/ goals, especially if study related. (optional, may combine with Paragraph 2)

Paragraph 4 – Conclusion. Another “thank you”. Express excitement or dedication to do well as the scholarship recipient.

Will my scholarship be revoked if I do not write the letter?

Scholarship providers are able to withhold or revoke your scholarship if you do not provide the requested scholarship letter.

Read the instructions carefully, there might be a time limit for sending the letter to the scholarship provider. Ignoring the deadline can also lead to the scholarship provider withholding or revoking the scholarship.

Do I need to present my letter?

In most cases, you will not need to present your letter. If the organization , it will most likely be on the organization’s official page or read at the organization’s conference. Unless instructed differently, no presentation is required.

There are scholarships requesting applicants to attend conferences or record a video as a statement. You will be notified if this needs to be done.

Can you give me tips for writing my letter?

Don’t feel awkward. Have confidence in what you are talking about! The readers are excited to read what you share.

Talk about your background, major, special interests, future plans, and anything related to the topic of the scholarship you won.

Be sincere. You’re talking to the person who gave you free money. Find it in your heart to express your gratitude.

Double check the name of who you are addressing.

Do a spelling check and grammar check.

Check around your neighborhood and city for local scholarship opportunities. You can even go as far as checking state-level community organizations for any scholarships local to your area.

Now the thank you letter is less of a mystery, right? It is not a complicated concept.

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Shalon B

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