17 Summer Scholarships for 2020

While many scholarships have deadlines in the Fall/Winter, there are still many opportunities to apply for (and win!) scholarship awards over the summer.

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How college student loans work: The definitive guide to borrowing responsibly, to minimize your student loan debt

The average college graduate comes away with a degree–and $29,000 of student loan debt, requiring an average monthly loan payment of $393. That ends up being a really high percentage of new graduates’ salaries, so perhaps it’s no surprise that, in 2018, 20% of student borrowers were behind with their payments. The problem is: once you’re behind, it can be even easier to get more behind. 

We’re here to help you figure out how to not let that happen to you. How do student loans work? How do you know how much you can afford to borrow? How do you choose the right (cheapest, most flexible) loan? And how do you best manage the costs? 

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Not just FAFSA: Get your full financial aid package by filling out your state grants application

About one-third of college-bound high school seniors don’t fill out the FAFSA–and therefore miss out on an average of $14,000 per year in financial aid. Even more students don’t fill out their state financial aid forms–despite states granting students an average of $1000 in additional financial aid. Maybe it’s because high school students often don’t realize there’s an extra step beyond the FAFSA. That’s why we’re here to explain how the state financial aid process works.

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Scholarship Bundles: Apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously, using just one scholarship app

Back when I was a student applying for scholarships using those dreaded scholarship search engines, I noticed that scholarship applications often asked for the same information (name, email, class year, SAT score, etc.)–and sometimes even had the same essay prompt! So I’d dutifully, and monotonously, type in my personal information over and over again, and copy and paste the exact same 500-word essay across application platforms.

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Our new “College Financial Aid” section lists universities’ scholarships and grants

Where we came from

For two years, we’ve built a platform to allow students, counselors, and parents an easy way to find scholarships they’re eligible for, filter through the noise, and apply to their favorites—all right from our platform. Now, over 200,000 students across 10,000 high schools use Going Merry.

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Superb Scholarships for Students in South Carolina for 2020-2021

We know you’re probably relaxing by the beach, not wanting to think about financing college tuition. We get it! Applying for scholarships is no walk in the park, but we’re making this easy for you with our scholarship search and application tool.

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