Superb Scholarships for Students in South Carolina for 2019-2020

We know you’re probably relaxing by the beach, not wanting to think about financing college tuition. We get it! Applying for scholarships is no walk in the park, but we’re making this easy for you with our scholarship search and application tool.

Check out this partial list of South Carolina scholarships to jump-start your financial aid!

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A Going Merry scholarship platform demo, for high school counselors

A couple weeks ago, we were invited by NACAC (the National Association of College Admission Counseling) to deliver an online demo of our scholarship platform.

So Going Merry co-founder and CEO Charlie Maynard led high school counselors through how the scholarship platform works and how it benefits counselors:

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MerryApps: Apply to multiple scholarships simultaneously, using just one scholarship app

Back when I was a student applying to scholarships using those dreaded scholarship search engines, I noticed that scholarship applications often asked for the same information (name, email, class year, SAT score, etc.)–and sometimes even had the same essay prompt! So I’d dutifully, and monotonously, type in my personal information over and over again, and copy and paste the exact same 500-word essay across application platforms.

Never again!

You might already know that, with Going Merry, you never have to fill out those scholarship application forms again. But did you know that, in some instances, we’ve even simplified that essay copy & pasting?

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What does KIPP Bay Area’s Director of College Admissions Counselors say about Going Merry?

Over 5,000 high school counselors use Going Merry to recommend college scholarships to their students, as well as to monitor their students’ applications processes.

We sat down with one of them–Shannon Harrison, KIPP Bay Area’s Director of College Counseling–to find out how Going Merry has helped both students and guidance counselors at KIPP.

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A counselor’s guide to making the most of Going Merry: 4 tips for student scholarship success

More than 5,000 high school counselors across the U.S. use Going Merry. Recently, we reached out to some of the most successful counselors–ones who’ve helped many scholarship student winners. We asked them for their top tips in this counselor’s guide to Going Merry.

How can Going Merry help your students win more scholarships and save you time? 

Well, here’s what our successful counselors said. (We added GIFS. You’re welcome.)

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Our new “College Financial Aid” section lists universities’ scholarships and grants

NOTE: When this post was originally written, the feature was called “College Scholarships” but has recently been renamed “College Financial Aid.” We have updated the  headline to reflect this but kept the rest of the post the same.

Where we came from

For two years, we’ve built a platform to allow students, counselors, and parents an easy way to find scholarships they’re eligible for, filter through the noise, and apply to their favorites—all right from our platform. Now, over 200,000 students across 10,000 high schools use Going Merry.

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