Top 9 Scholarship Websites to Find Money for College

With so many college scholarships websites out there, it might be confusing to decide which ones are worth using! We’re breaking down some of the most popular and best scholarship websites to take out some of the guesswork for you.

How to find scholarships

Most of the best scholarship websites listed below contain a similar setup where you create an account for free, so that you can search and apply for scholarships. (Only one, Scholly, requires a paid monthly subscription.)

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The 9 best scholarship websites

1. Going Merry

Going Merry began in 2016 as a solution to make the process of finding scholarships simpler for students. While in graduate school searching for scholarships, Charlie Maynard and Ray Murthi found other websites frustrating to navigate. They had to sift through lots of listed scholarships that no longer existed, and when they went to apply, they’d get redirected to sketchy scholarship provider websites.

Charlie and Ray wanted one of the best scholarship websites that would make both finding and applying for scholarships a bit easier. So they built the Going Merry scholarship finder, with the goal of saving students time and helping them win more scholarships.

2. Cappex

Key features to note:

  • No advertisements
  • Free and fast to sign up
  • Personalized list of “matched scholarships” AKA ones you are eligible for, based on your profile.
  • Fewer redirects – Students can apply for thousands of scholarships without leaving the site. 
  • Auto-filled forms – Students enter their information once, and then Going Merry fills in application forms using profile information
  • Bundled scholarships – Going Merry has bundled scholarships with similar essays, so you can apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously with one application. 
  • Emphasis on local scholarships often not on other websites. These are submitted by the over 10,000 high school counselors also on the platform.
  • Estimated completion time – So you know what you’re getting into with each application!
  • Favorite or ignore – Favorite scholarships you like to keep them on a shortlist. Ignore scholarships you don’t like, and they’ll disappear from your list. This helps keep you organized.
  • Save (and request) documents, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, SAT scores, and essays — for easy one-click attachments to your scholarship applications.
  • Track application status, after it’s been submitted.
  • Scholarship blog serves as a helpful resource, walking students through how to find scholarships, how to write an essay about yourself, how to use Going Merry, and more.
  • Mobile apps: Android and iOS

Areas that need improvement: 

  • Not as many category options as other sites (you instead must use the “matched to profile” feature)
  • Limited “sort by” options (instead, you have to filter)

Cappex was founded in 2006 as a tool to provide guidance, helpful tools, and information for every student. The name Cappex comes from the phrase “College Application Exchange.” The website has helped more than 11 million students to date. Students can apply to more than 135 colleges with the Cappex Application, in addition to external/independent scholarships.

Screenshot of Cappex Scholarship Search
Cappex scholarship finder

Key features to note:

  • Quick signup
  • Provides a preview of the site after signing up so students get a sneak peek of how to navigate
  • College planning resources
  • Find a roommate option
  • Offers more than $11 billion in scholarships
  • Recommends colleges to apply to based on the information you add
  • Discover Colleges allows colleges to connect with students who might be a good fit for their school
  • Prospective students are connected with colleges by mutual connections – a student must clearly demonstrate an interest in a college
  • College Greenlight (for first-generation and underrepresented students) – helps match students to college and scholarship opportunities based on interests and academic accomplishments
  • Counselors can track student progress to see how the college and scholarship search process is going
  • College Admissions Coach – evaluates student rankings according to the student’s ideal college type (ex: Ivy League Schools) and provides suggestions, such as leadership, volunteer activities, GPA, and who to talk to about your student status before applying
  • Profile autofills information for college applications
  • Students can create a list of their colleges, scholarships, and majors
  • Allows students to complete the college match and college application process in one place with no application fee

Areas that might need improvement:

  • Scholarship application links lead students to apply outside of the website, adding an extra step in the process
  • Emphasis is more on college admissions rather than on finding external scholarships to supplement financial aid
  • No mobile app

3. The College Board

The College Board is a not-for-profit organization that represents more than 6,000 colleges, schools, and educational organizations. Founded in 1899 as the College Entrance Examination Board, the College Board oversees standardized tests from K-12 and college institutions (such as the AP program, SAT and ACT). The College Board website also serves as a college planning resource to find scholarships and colleges.

Screenshot of The College Board scholarship search
The College Board scholarship finder

Key features to note:

  • All-in-one account to access test scores (AP test scores, SAT, ACT)
  • Easy signup
  • Provides an entire college planning section, including searching for colleges, comparing colleges, exploring majors and careers
  • Student Search Service® – a free service that allows colleges and scholarship programs to find students
  • BigFuture – a guide to connect students to scholarships, college search, receive advice from college students and educators
  • Nearly $6 billion in scholarship awards

Areas that need improvement:

  • Scholarship application links lead students to apply outside of the website, adding an extra step in the process
  • No mobile apps for college planning or scholarships

4. Peterson’s

Founded in 1966, Peterson’s is said to be the world’s leading educational services company. The website caters to a variety of student resources, including test preparation, such as SAT, ACT, PSAT, and CLEP. The site also operates as a search engine for scholarships, grants, and awards.

Screenshot of Peterson's Scholarship Search
Peterson’s scholarship finder

Key features to note:

  • User-friendly
  • Quick signup with survey
  • Easy filter options to find scholarships
  • International student guide to U.S. colleges and universities
  • $10 billion in scholarship awards
  • Ability to save and share scholarship opportunities
  • Create a college list
  • Test preparation
  • Includes information on what you need to apply (ex: Application Form, Essay, Resume, Transcript)

Areas that need improvement:

  • Includes mentions of paid test prep subscriptions + shopping cart, which might be confusing during the scholarship search
  • Scholarship application links lead students to apply outside of the website, adding an extra step in the process

5. Niche

Niche was founded in 2002, originally operating as a publisher of printed U.S. college guidebooks known as College Prowler. The founders created the company from a project completed in their entrepreneurship class. College Prowler was quickly recognized as one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in the nation by Fast Company in 2005. The website now operates as a resource with information on colleges, neighborhoods, cities, and companies around the U.S.

Screenshot of Niche Scholarship Search
Niche scholarship search

Key features to note:

  • Nice interface
  • Students don’t need to create an account to browse scholarships
  • Easy signup to apply for scholarships
  • Provides resources to get ideas of where to work, where to live, to plan for life during college and post-college
  • Android and iOS mobile apps

Areas that need improvement:

  • Scholarship application links lead students to apply outside of the website, adding an extra step in the process
  • Scholarship descriptions are missing information (ex: “Essay Required: Unknown”)
  • Limited filters to find scholarships


One of the largest scholarships databases, was founded in 1998 not only to help students find money for college, but also to learn about the financial aid process. The website provides scholarship opportunities for high school, college, and graduate students, regardless of age.

Screenshot of scholarship search scholarship finder

Key features to note:

  • Quick signup
  • Comment section to ask questions and contribute to the conversation with other students
  • Extensive list of scholarships and grants totaling to more than $19 billion
  • Caters to all ages – high school students, college students, and grad school students
  • Database is said to be updated daily
  • Android and iOS mobile apps

Areas that need improvement:

  • Interface is not as user-friendly as students might like
  • Scholarship application links lead students to apply outside of the website, adding an extra step in the process
  • We noticed some out-of-date scholarships on the site
  • Some advertisements (sponsored scholarships)

7. Unigo

Established in 2008, Unigo helps match students with scholarships, colleges, internships, student loans, careers, and college majors. The online portal connects students with college planning resources before, during, and after college.

Screenshot of Unigo scholarship search
Unigo scholarship finder

Key features to note:

  • Provides an easy way to save scholarships in categories: “I will apply for,” “I will not apply for,” “I haven’t considered” 
  • Adding more information, such as hobbies, sports, organizations, and interests will provide access to more scholarships to apply for
  • Connections with 90,000 internships
  • Job search
  • College profiles and rankings
  • Textbook store
  • Allows students to apply to more than 50 colleges and universities

Areas that need improvement:

  • Lengthy signup process
  • A scholarship match pop-up appears after signing up, which might take students to a college match site instead of a scholarship match
  • Scholarship application links lead students to apply outside of the website, adding an extra step in the process

8. Chegg

Founded in 2005, Chegg is an all-encompassing resource for students. The name is a portmanteau of “chicken” and “egg” based on the founders’ experiences of being unable to find a job without the necessary experience, but at the same time being unable to obtain the necessary experience without a job in the field. The website helps students find: books (to rent or buy), study resources (e.g., virtual flashcards), internships, and scholarships.

Screenshot of Chegg Scholarship Search
Chegg scholarship finder

Key features to note:

  • Easy signup
  • Nice interface
  • Provides an option to save favorite colleges and a scholarship list
  • More than $1 billion in scholarships
  • Easy filters help find a college or university by school type, environment, degrees offered, and location
  • More than 6,000 colleges and universities in the database with photos
  • Great student resource for:
    • Keeping track of scholarships
    • Exploring Colleges
    • Purchasing class textbooks
    • Studying for tests
    • Finding internships
    • Connecting with tutors

Areas that need improvement:

  • Scholarship application links lead students to apply outside of the website, adding an extra step in the process
  • No mobile app for scholarship finder

9. Scholly

You might recognize the scholarship finder website Scholly from being featured on Shark Tank after landing a deal with Sharks Daymond John and Lori Greiner. Scholly CEO Christopher Gray won $1.3 million in scholarships and created Scholly to help students like him find little-known scholarships to help fund their education.

Screenshot of Scholly scholarship search
Scholly scholarship finder

Key features to note:

  • Free 3-day trial
  • Access to winning scholarship essays and scholarship list
  • Exclusive, brand-backed scholarships, such as the “Grown-Ish Student Loan Pay-Off”
  • Scholly Editor – you can copy and paste your scholarship essays and school assignments into a text box for an artificial intelligence writing assistant to review your document. The system will suggest revisions based on grammar, structure, punctuation, etc., and you can download the revised version
  • Another resource, Scholly Math, helps solve math problems for school assignments  
  • iOS and Android apps available

Areas that need improvement:

  • You have to pay for this scholarship — it costs $2.99/month or $44.99/year
  • Website takes a while to load the ”I (will) attend school at” dropdown in the process of creating a student profile
  • There’s a bit of a learning curve with the interface
  • Difficult to use features without paying
  • Scholarship application links lead students to apply outside of the website, adding an extra step in the process

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