Meet Ijeoma Asonye: Athlete, Design Specialist, Going Merry Scholarship Winner

Meet multi-talented student Ijeoma Asonye. She played soccer, lacrosse, and ran cross country in high school, all while rocking her schoolwork. Track and field is also her jam. She was the team captain in high school, winning a regional championship in 2019 and competing at state championships.

Ijeoma made sure she stayed on top of her grades while participating in sports. She won the Outstanding Achievement Award in Mathematics and Outstanding Student Athlete with a 4.0 GPA to finish her senior year of high school strong.

Outside of sports, Ijeoma is also passionate about design, videography, photography, and other arts. She’s an Adobe Certified Associate Visual Design Specialist and even helped make a logo for her school’s teacher cafe.

Ijeoma won $5,000 with Going Merry’s 2019 Best All Around Superlative Scholarship by submitting a winning scholarship video. She’s currently studying Mechanical Engineering, and plans to continue to be involved in sports and other activities while attending college.

We asked Ijeoma to share her scholarship tips for future scholarship applicants, and she shared her scholarship success story with us!

Ijeoma Asonye, Going Merry scholarship winner
Ijeoma Asonye, Going Merry scholarship winner

Why did you decide to apply for this scholarship (rather than the other ones)?

I actually applied to a lot of other scholarships but this is the one after I completed the video and submitted it, felt the most confident in knowing I could possibly win.

What was the video creation process like for you?

The video creation process wasn’t all that bad. Since I have prior experience to of editing and making videos the only thing that was hard was structuring my video to be under 2 minutes. I wrote down some of my biggest skills and strengths and took off from there.

How much did you win, and what are you going to do with the money?

I won $5,000 and will use it for my college bill, which is in much desperate need of this right now.

If you shared your video with anyone, what did they think?

I didn’t share my video with anyone because it didn’t cross my mind to share it with my friends, they just knew I was creating a video for a scholarship.

Any tips for future students applying for scholarships?

Tips would be to create a spreadsheet of the scholarships you want to apply for, the due date, special notes, and how much the reward is, and then start applying to them. That is what I did, and I am so glad I chose to go about my scholarship process this way because I felt organized and not overwhelmed.

How did you hear about Going Merry?

I heard about Going Merry through UniDays.

Why would you recommend Going Merry?

I would recommend Going Merry because they have some scholarships from places you wouldn’t have thought about.

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