Awesome Scholarships in Alabama for 2021

Alabama isn’t just known for its Southern lifestyle and down-home cookingit’s also known for its renowned universities! Top schools like the University of Alabama and Troy University attract thousands of students per year…but the cost of attendance doesn’t come cheap.

For example, at the University of Alabama, one of the largest public school in the state, in-state students can expect to pay $10,780 for tuition while out-of-state students pay roughly $28,100. Similarly, in-state student at Troy University pay around $7,584 per year for tuition while out-of-state students pay $15,168. Keep in mind that tuition prices vary from school to school and depending on if the institution is public or private. Luckily, scholarships can help ease the burden.

Benefits of Scholarships & How to Apply

The best part about winning scholarships? The money is yours to keep and you never have to pay it back! Plus, there are thousands of scholarships out there for all types of people in all different situations. But where can you find them?

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Scholarships in Alabama

1. CollegeCounts Scholarship

The CollegeCounts Scholarship is awarded to first-time freshmen who demonstrate financial need and a strong desire to make a difference. Applicants must be Alabama residents and must enroll in a college or university within the state. Four-year students receive $4,000 while two-year students receive $2,000.  

Amount: $2,000 to $4,000

Provider: Office of State Treasurer

Who Can Apply: High School Seniors

Requirements: (a) U.S. Citizen, (b) Residency in Alabama, (c) Plans to enroll in a Georgia college or university, (d) Financial need, (e) Minimum GPA of 2.75.

2. Linly Heflin Scholarship

The Linly Heflin Scholarship is designed for Alabama women pursuing a four-year degree, recipients of this award receive $6,000 per year for four years or until graduation (whichever comes first).

Amount: $6,000 per year (Up to $24,000)

Provider: Linly Heflin Unit

Who Can Apply: High School Seniors, College Freshmen, College Sophomores, College Juniors

Requirements: (a) Female, (b) Residency in Alabama, (c) Plans to pursue a four-year degree, (d) Financial need, (e) Minimum GPA of 2.5, (f) Minimum ACT of 23.

3. Alabama Concrete Industries Association Foundation Scholarship

The Alabama Concrete Industries Association Foundation (ACIF) awards two $8,000 scholarships per year. The awards are granted to college seniors majoring in architecture, engineering, and building sciences at universities within the state.

Amount: $8,000

Provider: Alabama Concrete Industries Association Foundation (ACIF)

Who Can Apply: College Juniors

Requirements: To qualify for the Alabama Concrete Industries Association Foundation Scholarship, the applicant must be; (a) Majoring in a field mentioned above, (b) Attending an Alabama university.

4. Alabama Home Builders Foundation Scholarship

Students pursuing an education related to residential building at a junior college, technical school, or university within the state are eligible for these scholarships in Alabama. Some examples of commonly accepted majors are civil engineering, drafting and design, masonry, landscaping, and sustainable construction.

Amount: Varies

Provider: Alabama Home Builders Foundation

Who Can Apply: High School Seniors, College Freshmen, College Sophomores, College Juniors, Technical School Students

Requirements: To apply to the Alabama Home Builders Foundation Scholarship, applicants must be (a) Majoring in a relevant field, (b) Residency in Alabama.

5. Cabaniss, Johnston Alabama Law Foundation Scholarship

The Cabaniss, Johnston Alabama Law Foundation Scholarship, granted by one of the oldest law firms in Alabama, was established in 1987. It’s geared towards students entering their second year at accredited U.S. law schools, even ones outside of Alabama.

Amount: Up to $5,000

Provider: Cabaniss, Johnston, Gardner, Dumas & O’Neal

Who Can Apply: Law students entering their second year

Requirements: (a) Residency in Alabama, (b) Attending accredited U.S. law school, (c) Academic excellence.

6. The David Womack Memorial Alabama LGBT Scholarship

The David Womack Memorial LGBT Scholarship is awarded to gay and lesbian undergraduate students throughout the state. An essay with a maximum length of five pages is required for the application and recipients can use the money at any accredited school in the United States.

Amount: $1,000

Provider: IanThom Foundation

Who Can Apply: High School Seniors, College Freshmen, College Sophomores, College Juniors

Requirements: (a) Residency in Alabama, (b) LGBT status, (c) Attending a public, two-year institution in Alabama.

7. Alabama Funeral Directors Association Scholarship

This niche scholarship is geared towards students studying funeral service at an accredited mortuary science school. Applicants to the Alabama Funeral Directors Association Scholarship must be sponsored by a current member of the AFDA and should have plans to work in Alabama upon graduation.

Amount: $1,000

Provider: Alabama Funeral Directors Association (AFDA)

Who Can Apply: Students intending to or currently studying at mortuary science school

Requirements: (a) Acceptance into accredited mortuary science school, (b) Plans to service the public working in Alabama, (c) Minimum GPA of 2.5, (d) Residency in Alabama, (e) AFDA sponsorship.

8. Cross & Smith Scholarship

Cross & Smith believes giving back to the community is an important part of making a positive impact. To aid in this effort, each year the firm awards one student with $1,000 towards their college education through the Cross & Smith Scholarship Program. This is in hopes to ease the burden of college and help with the many expenses that students encounter each semester.

Amount: $1,000

Provider: Cross & Smith LLC

Who Can Apply: High school seniors or current college students that plan to pursue a law degree within the U.S. are eligible to apply.

Requirements: (a) Must be a high school senior or currently in college (b) Must intend to pursue a degree in law (c) Must submit application materials via email by November 2nd. Late applications will not be considered. (d) Essay and application must be in English (e) By entering, you give us permission to share quotes from your essay, first name, and social media pages publicly. We will not share your contact information or full name. (f) If you are under the age of 18 you must have permission from your parent/legal guardian.

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