Arizona Scholarships for 2019 – 2020

Thinking about how to afford college? Many small local scholarships go unclaimed each year, which is why we’re introducing you to some of the best scholarships in Arizona. At Going Merry, we bring local and statewide scholarships to you and let you fill out your applications all in one place! 

Check out the list below of scholarships for Arizona you could apply to!

1. Arizona Community Foundation Scholarships

Provider: Arizona Community Foundation

Amount: Varies

The Arizona Community Foundation allows high school seniors and current college students throughout Arizona to apply for more than 100 scholarship awards online with one general application. High school seniors, current college students, or graduate level students attending schools anywhere in the U.S. can apply. The general application process begins in January each year and students are advised to apply early to qualify for the most awards.

2. Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation (AFFCF)

Provider: AFFCF

Amount: Up to $5,000 per calendar year

AFFCF’s primary criterion is that the student-applicant was a ward of the State of Arizona when they turned 18 years of age, that is, the student was not adopted, awarded permanent guardianship or reunited with his/her biological parents prior to aging out of the Department of Child Safety’s care. Prospective students who signed a voluntary with DCS past their 18th birthday are also eligible.

3. Arizona Business & Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation

Provider: Arizona BPW Foundation

Amount: Varies

The Arizona Business and Professional Women’s Foundation promotes the advancement of Arizona’s working women through scholarships, research, and education. Scholarships are awarded to women 21 years or older (by May 1) who are returning to school at a community college to acquire better job opportunities or advance their current careers. All scholarship recipients are required to attend one Arizona BPW Foundation event per year.

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