Awesome Scholarships for Students in Connecticut for 2021

College is expensive! Luckily, scholarships can help you pay for some of that education– and many small, local scholarships go unclaimed each year. That’s free money that nobody picked up! When we find state-specific financial aid, such as these scholarships in Connecticut, we want to share it with students like you.

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Here is a list of some scholarships, specifically for Connecticut residents. 

1. Scott M Roberson Scholarship

Provider: Scott Roberson Memorial Fund (Charity Smith)

Amount: Up to $1,000

In recognition of Scott’s dedication to serving others and in appreciation for the many ways our Tolland friends have honored Scott’s memory, the Roberson family has created the Scott M. Roberson Memorial Fund and the Scott M Roberson Scholarship to provide financial assistance to Tolland High School graduates who are pursuing a 2-year or 4-year undergraduate degree and have demonstrated a strong commitment to community service.

2. Mark Sherman Law Juvenile Justice Scholarship

Provider: The Law Offices of Mark Sherman

Amount: Up to $1,000

The Law Offices of Mark Sherman, based in Stamford, Connecticut, is pleased to announce that we are offering the Mark Sherman Law Juvenile Justice Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to one student who has an interest in working with young people who have already been convicted of a crime and sent to jail. We want to support them in seizing new opportunities and giving them the means to be a success in their community.

3. Student Ethics Scholarship

Provider: Better Business Bureau

Amount: Varies

BBB’s Military Line Student Ethics Scholarship recognizes college-bound students and adult learners who are children or spouses of a military member. Eligible students should personify high ethics demonstrated through leadership, community service, overall integrity and academic standing. For this scholarship, students and adult learners may apply as early as their junior year of high school or as late as the end of college freshman year.

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4. EPOC Environmental Scholarship Fund

Provider: Environmental Professionals Organization of Connecticut

Amount: Varies

EPOC recognizes its duty to assist in the education of individuals planning a career in the environmental industry. Consequently, the EPOC Environmental Scholarship Fund was established in 1998. The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to assist Connecticut residents, or an immediate family member (spouse or child) of an EPOC Member in good standing, who are attending an accredited college or university (CT colleges or out of state colleges) and have declared majors pertinent to the environmental field. Students must be enrolled in a bachelor, master or PhD degree program.

5. Connecticut Community Foundation Scholarships

Provider: Connecticut Community Foundation

Amount: Varies

Over the years, our big-hearted donors have recognized the importance of a college education in helping residents of our region succeed in life. More than 130 donors have created funds that make it possible each year for Connecticut Community Foundation to award college scholarships to hundreds of students through Connecticut Community Foundation Scholarships.

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