5 High-Quality Hawaii Scholarships for 2024

With 16 colleges and universities for students to apply to in the Aloha State (plus options on the mainland!), it’s important to consider financial assistance to fund your college education. Wherever you are in your academic journey – high school senior, college freshman, or graduate studies, there are plenty of Hawaii scholarships to consider!

Here’s your list of 5 high-quality Hawaii scholarships:

1) Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Scholarship Program

Amount: Up to $10,000

Provider: Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation

Requirements: Must be a graduating high school senior at an accredited public, private, or parochial high school in Hawaii, possess a strong academic record, actively participate in community service endeavors.

The Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Foundation presents at least 4 – 5 scholarships awards to outstanding graduating seniors in the state of Hawaii through the Mamoru and Aiko Takitani Scholarship Program. Each qualifying high school will select a senior to receive a $2,000 Takitani Scholarship. From this group of graduating seniors, finalists from each school district will then be selected to receive an additional scholarship for $3,000. Among the finalists, three outstanding scholars will be selected to receive the $8,000 The Karen Uno Distinguished Student Award, the $10,000 The Mamoru Takitani Outstanding Student Award, and the $10,000 The Aiko Takitani Outstanding Student Award.

2) American Association of University Women (AAUW) Scholarship

Amount: Up to $1,000

Provider: Hilo Branch of the American Association of University Women

Requirements: Must be a female, in-state resident attending Hawaii Community College, with a 3.0 GPA and a full course load (12 credits or more). To apply to the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Scholarship, submit a financial aid application to HCC with references and essay.

3) Windward O’ahu Educational Grant

Amount: Up to $1,000

Provider: AAUW Windward O’ahu Branch

Requirements: Must be a resident of Windward O’ahu, must complete the educational grant application, and submit a personal statement, high school transcript, and two letters of recommendation.

Another funding opportunity provided by the AAUW for students, the Windward O’ahu Educational Grant is awarded to residents of Windward O’ahu who are enrolled in or admitted to a regionally accredited post-secondary institution in Hawaii.

4) HEA High School Students Scholarship

Amount: Varies per scholarship

Provider: Hawaii Education Association (HEA)

Requirements: Varies per scholarship

HEA offers a slate of scholarships. Two HEA High School Students Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each are awarded to graduating high school seniors who will enroll in any two- or four-year state or nationally accredited institution of higher learning in the 2022-2023 academic year. This scholarship is open only to HEA members, their children and/or their grandchildren. Preference is given to those intending to major in education.Members must be in good standing and shall have been members for at least one year. Employees, officers and directors of HEA, and their immediate family members and individuals living in the same household (whether related or not) of such employee, officer or director are not eligible to apply.

5) Hawaii Community Foundation Scholarship

Amount: Varies per scholarship

Provider: Hawai’i Community Foundation (HCF)

Requirements: Varies per scholarship

The HCF provides an all-in-one application (similar to Going Merry!) so students can create one account and apply for multiple Hawaii Community Foundation (HI) Scholarships.

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