Scholarships Just for Minnesota Students for 2021

Check out the list below of Minnesota-nice scholarships you could apply for!

1. Central Minnesota Farm Show Agricultural Scholarship

Provider: William Senior High School

Amount: Up to $1,000

This scholarship is offered by the Chamber Central MN Farm Show Committee. The committee will consider volunteerism, leadership, activity in extra-curricular programs (specifically Ag related), activity in community (specifically Ag related), and financial need.

2. Charles & Ellora Alliss Educational Foundation High School Scholarship Program

Provider: Charles & Ellora Alliss Educational Foundation

Amount: Varies

Charles and Ellora created the Alliss Foundation to assist Minnesota’s young people in achieving their goals of obtaining a college education. Mr. Alliss, a lifetime 3M employee, believed that had he received a college education, he could have advanced to higher levels within 3M.

3. Linden Scholarship

Provider: The Salvation Army – Twin Cities Salvation Army

Amount: Varies

Students can apply to receive a one-year, non-renewable scholarship of $1,500 (for two-year colleges) or $3,000 (for four-year colleges). We know it won’t foot the entire bill, but every little bit counts. The application period opens each January.

4. Gold Scholar Award

Provider: Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Amount: $10,000 each year for four years

Preference is given to National Merit Finalists who declare the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities as their first-choice college by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation deadline.

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